How do you practice the art of service? Is it in the way that you lovingly prepare and serve a meal to your family and friends? Is it the way that you guard a beach? Is it the way you speak truth to power for marginalized groups? Perhaps since my family is anti-guns, military service is the last version of service that comes to mind.

I’ve noticed that my new friends have deepened their practices of dance for the purpose of staying grounded. What grounds you and makes you able to serve? Is service always in relation to others? What degree of self-service do you practice?

Love the ways in which my TEMPO class invites discussion about a gamut of topics from technology and accessibility to gender and dating, to cooking and serving. What is dance without discussion? How can the two interweave without taking over one another? It’s a delicate balance making space for both and feels truly rewarding when we can have both.

The ways in which I have learned to serve my family and friends with dance and discussion have brought me much happiness and a sense of fulfillment paired with more questions. I hope to continue to offer services to my community and in particular to communities of color today and everyday.

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