Name teachers, projects or thought partners that have helped you to learn new languages and vocabularies each and everyday. Wouldn’t you like a guide or a teacher highlighting the next possible steps as you explore unchartered terrain? Let’s shift our minds towards furthering our movement education and securing a spiritual and spatial center. Can we simultaneously celebrate commonalities while recognizing difference? Yes, WE can!

For the last 8 months I have been working online teaching children and adults dance. It has been a drastic change from the usual face-to-face studio engagement but my circle has not only opened up it has deepened. Teaching dance online during this pandemic has given me the opportunity to enter a close knit family of people of many colors and ages and for that I am eternally grateful.

I envision a new collective of teachers and students gathering weekly both outdoors and online to choreograph works for a neighborhood, national and global stage. I am compelled to examine the body and its pain and power while touching on the preservation of the earth, ancestral heritage and music that unites us. If you are a dance educator reach out so we can author dances of multiple histories, layers, puzzles and pieces.

I teach with a truly visionary assistant, Chynna Golding. SylviDances aims to reach youth, adults and seniors using the zoom platform to work with dancers within and outside of familial circles and professional networks. We are continuously learning to get the most from our zoom toolbox and find creative ways to design classes and choreographic prompts that make the call to dance inviting and interactive.

In solidarity,


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