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Dive into my world. Photo by Joey Oliver

I choreograph, collaborate, and perform. This is a taste. Want to view more, visit my youtube channel SylviDances Community


Performers: DeAunna Blackwell, Sylvana Christopher, Jordan Daugherty, Chynna Golding, Rae Grey, Rachel Lawal, Maggie Lockhart, Caitlin Mitchell, Chloe Richier, Nilton Medina Rodney, Deanna Woodman

Photo by Justin Williams/Unifyed Visuals.
Original music by John Lee.
Costumes designed by Anne Liberman.


ICONS SMART Choreographic Institute Thesis Work to Carnaval D’Aix by Darius Milhaud. Premiered by performers Covenant Babatunde, DeAunna Blackwell, Sara Bradna, Adam Chavis, Jordan Daugherty, Etta Hulcher, Rachel Lawal, Kamillia McCracken, Leila Stehlik-Barry, Noah Strand.

Kanga design by Anne Liberman for Covenant Babatunde
Rabbit Pas de deux design by Anne Liberman for Kami McCracken and Noah Strand.
Owl Pas de deux design for Sara Strom and Adam Chavis by Anne Liberman.

Choreographed by Sylvana Christopher for a Joy of Motion Studio to Stage Concert at The Jack Guidone Theater

Dancers: Grace Cannon, Jonathan DeVilbiss, Wendy Melechen, Erika Newell, Christopher Richardson

T.R.I.B.E. is a look at the superpowers one would ascribe and how those unique powers support one another in living out heroic identities.


Who Two

Joan Nicholas-Walker, Choreographer

Created with dancers Sylvana Christopher and Maggie Lockhart

Photo by Jeff Malet
The Light of Slow Descent

Choreographed by Jess Hoversen. ICONS Choreographic Institute presented 7 world premiers. Sylvana Christopher danced in Jess’s Thesis Dance Concert held on May 11th & 12th, 2019 at the Dance Loft on 14 in Washington D.C.


Photo by David Dowling

Choreographed by Sylvana Christopher

“Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” by Scott Weiland

Dancers: Ivan Chanis Barahona, Sylvana Christopher, Grace Cannon

Dancing Rogues production at Epic Yoga DC with Hayley Cutler’s Darling Dance and Sara Herrera’s Aras Dance. Dinner date, fowl play… talk about awkward.

Virtual Line Videography by David Dowling

Choreographed and danced by Sylvana Christopher, May Kesler, Rachel Lawal, and Devon Steeltoe Wallace.

Music “Mr. Telephone Man” by New Edition

Remember the olden days using a pay phone? Take a dip trip to recall the ways in which we used to communicate. Remember how you spoke to a love connection or bestie over the telephone.

Filmed in dancers homes and Carter Baren Amphitheater.


Performed at Church on the Square in Baltimore in 2019 by SylviDances.

Dancers: Sylvana Christopher, Sara Herrera, Maggie Lockhart

Video by Derek Shore

SylviDances was created in 2017. SylviDances was created by DC metro area dancers/choreographers/educators Sylvana Christopher and Maggie Lockhart with the mission to bring people and artists together through fresh, thoughtful, dance and music. SylviDances has presented work at Dance Place, Baltimore Theater Project, Jack Guidone Theater, Gallaudet University, Move Me Festival and Howard County Community College. Dance Metro DC calls the dynamic between the pair “riveting” and “successful in presenting a narrative that makes you think.” Christopher and Lockhart recently partnered with Dance Place to curate their passion project 5 by 5- a stripped down, up close sharing of work by 5 DC area choreographers.

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