Resonance photos by IsitModern?

Sylvana’s newest work is set to original music by Composer John Lee. It was created for Dance Place’s District Choreographer Dance Festival which premiered Nov 12 & 13 at Edgewood Arts Center.

Inspired by the parallel between saplings eager to establish their own root systems and the choreographers own journey to stay connected to their ancestral origins, Resonance invites audiences to take a moment to consider their own pasts and those that made sacrifice and journeys to become something more.

Reaching towards the light… opening of Resonance. Photo by Unifyed Visuals
Deanna Woodman, Maggie Lockhart, Chloe Richier & Chynna Golding providing rooted support. Photo by Unifyed Visuals.

DeAunna Blackwell stepping into new territory with support. Photo by Unifyed Visuals
Sylvana Christopher leaping anew. Photo by Unifyed Visuals

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