Chock Full

This past weekend I finally made it to Dance ICONS Improv Fest at Dance Loft on 14. I couldn’t skip all my classes in the morning but with the help of Kate Kight who has consistently been there for me in my dance life I was able to give her the reigns for my last Kid Modern class and zip over to the studio. Vladimir had a group of about 20-30 people assembled who had already had Contact Improv with Juliana and Gaga with Candace Scarborough whom I have not had the pleasure of taking class from yet. Friends from Michelle and Nancy’s work as well as my most recent 5by5: Aquiles Holladay and Uyen left while I had just arrived for the afternoon.

Vlad gave us a quick and dirty recap of William Forsyth’s improvisational technique which involved a 9 point system for every possible plane within our 360 degree view.  He also said Forsythe had broken down movement into a couple basic categories which was helpful to be reminded of other main sub units of movement. Steps, limbs, torso, jumps, turns, u’s and circles, gestures, floorwork, aversion or avoidance of another person or pre-existing shape/object. It was heady and exacting work but yet very subject to interpretation and loosing the thread easily only to be pulled back by Vlad’s commanding presence even though he often instructed over his loud music all of which I liked but thought he’d be cognizant to keep his music volume down so we could hear him speak.

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