A Sun Dance

Inspired by the Sun from a trip amidst the pandemic to the National Air & Space Museum we discovered a friendly face Shauna Edson who shed light on the magnificent spirals coming in and out of the sun in these electromagnetic fields. This color dyed spoking, darting and looping outward and inward to the sun fascinate my child and I. Shauna made the comment that there have been many a dance dedicated to the moon but not one of recent note to the sun. I began hunting for music that would pair well and my husband John Lee shared some new music made at a recording he had took part in Vermont with Brian Marsella. After looking at several beautiful and fascinating pictures of the Sun’s electromagnetic waves and fields and listening to Marsella’s new recordings, I centered on a piece that painted a peaceful steady beginning with a building up to a cacophony or commotion likened to an explosion and then a mysterious resolve much like how I imagine the Sun’s story will play out in the zillion years to come.