Piles Project

Entered a creative co-authoring of music and dance project based around the theme of piles.
To set the stage for the spark, that week I took Tiffany Mills’s Monday 10 am improv class. Mills was using the elements: water, air, fire, earth as inspiration and this particular week the theme was water. She shared a picture water streaming down an hill with piles of fallen and broken logs. The crisscross patterning of the piles of horizontal and diagonal wood and sticks was captivating. Dancers and musicians are prone to noting patterns in nature like a scientist looks for data in human and or animal behavior. Perhaps we strive for an innate relationship with the inanimate. For me a pile of something whether it be broken down branches or rocks it is a record of time. Just think how many shadowy crevices can exist underneath the weighty layers of substance and material.

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