Brookland Monroe St. Arts Walk Farmer’s Market

We presented “Quick Change” at the November 2, 2019 Brookland Monroe St. Arts Walk Farmer’s Market. SylviDances first performed at the Farmers Market with Taariq Muhammad, Grace Cannon and John Lee on guitar back in the spring of 2019. This iteration John Lee graciously agreed to play guitar again for the event drawing listeners to his music like bears to the honey.

This piece created was in the space of two get togethers late night after our children were asleep. The goal: make a dance piece that we could perform in the cold of November that could entertain the families and kiddos shopping at the market. We weaved different pieces of music both new and old to us to highlight or portray brief moments in time. Planned vignettes with various articles of clothing from a work jacket, a sport dance zip, nightgown to a sassy red dress and high heeled dance shoes were indicative of changing identity, shifts in responsibility, rebellion and acceptance of age and stage. This was Grace Cannon and my first official duet collaboration for which the process and active storytelling is the part that lingers in my memory.

Covered in clothes, we surfaced to find the sun greeting us on that November day.

Published by sylvanachristopher

Sylvana Christopher is performer choreographer and teaching artist native to DC. She is mom to Jasper Lee Christopher and wife of guitarist John Lee. She has danced for Rincones & Company Dance Theater, Bowen McCauley Dance Company, Arts United of Washington, Mason/Rhynes Performance Projects, BosmaDance, Kate Jordan Dance, Sarah J. Ewing & Dancers, Word Dance Theater & Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group. In 2009, Christopher sparked the formation of Glade Dance Collective which continues to thrive today. Sylvana has taught for several DMV schools and arts organizations including Holton-Arms School, Wolf Trap, Sitar Arts Center, Joy of Motion Dance Center, Washington Performing Arts and currently Inner City, Inner Child. Sylvana loves swimming, travel, potlucks, movies and soaking up live music! She hopes to travel to Brazil, Thailand, Ireland and Russia one day. Sylvana has been fortunate to study in Senegal and France as well as perform in Germany and Mexico.

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