“Who, Two” at HCC Gala

Maggie Lockhart and I performed Joan Nicholas-Walker’s introspective piece “Who, Two” at The Howard Community College Feb 9th, 2019 at The Horowitz Performing Arts Center a large venue for dance.

My dance partner Maggie bravely gave Brunhilda one last hurrah. Her plan all along was to ‘dance the shit out of it’ before replacing with a new hip. Cue: Tronhilda. This piece challenged us as performers greatly. It allowed us to fine tune our partnering skills while working to develop intent through a non-narrative dance. Couched as a chance encounter that can leave one forever changed we examined those moments in our own lives and relationships where we were effected by others for short or long periods of time. Joan shaped this piece from a solo “Who” which I danced at Baltimore Theater Project March 2018 alongside BlueShift and LucidBeings. We then presented the first draft of ” Who, Two” at SylviDances 5by5 at Dance Place Sept 13, 2018. 5by5 is our passion project in which we present other artists specifically 5 dances by 5 choreographers plus musicians in an informal setting. Hoping to celebrate more artists with whom we have made personal connections with in the Washington, DC area.

Inside Joan’s process one must remain fluid and adaptable. She always came to rehearsal with something exact to work on whether it was spacing, emotion, timing or particular lift. We changed the music three times! We worked it until it was just right painting a proximity in time and space and yet a distance from one another that remains.

We are forever grateful to Joan for this beautiful piece of art and hope to perform it again soon!

Dancers: Sylvana Christopher and Maggie Lockhart.

Lighting by Ben Levine.

Choreography by Joan Nicholas-Walker.

Photos by Hank Wang.

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