RAW Artists Bonanza!

Mathew Patrick Heggem, creator and founder of LeftSide Labs, without haste proposed a new work on SylviDances for his upcoming gig at RAW Artists at The Filmore Concert Stage October 24th 2019. Maggie and I jumped at the chance to line up a gig. This was our first performance since Maggie’s February hip replacement and Mathew seemed fired up and ready to create art!

We learned 2-3 key choreographic phrases which he expertly manipulated and then spaced the three of us let the attention of the viewer dance back and forth from one dancer to another (smartly reserving unison for climactic sections nearing the end). Mathew made costumes using his mother Monica Davis’s artwork which had bold colors and circles. We donned these homemade dresses with pink bob wigs, black gloves and lotta juuuushhhhq!

It was a welcome back to our bodies with new musically driven jazzy vocabulary danced on a fabulously elevated stage with chandeliers hanging above. We WERKED that catwalk with all our 1980’s housey underground New York flavored grit (Maggie and Mathew earned their actual chops living and dancing professionally in NYC while I was slogging it out here in DC). Mathew’s dance really suited the Artists event made for the showing and sharing RAW Art! I hope to participate in this event again next year!

Living into the moment as we exit this concert stage
Mathew Dipping Mags

Brookland Monroe St. Arts Walk Farmer’s Market

We presented “Quick Change” at the November 2, 2019 Brookland Monroe St. Arts Walk Farmer’s Market. SylviDances first performed at the Farmers Market with Taariq Muhammad, Grace Cannon and John Lee on guitar back in the spring of 2019. This iteration John Lee graciously agreed to play guitar again for the event drawing listeners to his music like bears to the honey.

This piece created was in the space of two get togethers late night after our children were asleep. The goal: make a dance piece that we could perform in the cold of November that could entertain the families and kiddos shopping at the market. We weaved different pieces of music both new and old to us to highlight or portray brief moments in time. Planned vignettes with various articles of clothing from a work jacket, a sport dance zip, nightgown to a sassy red dress and high heeled dance shoes were indicative of changing identity, shifts in responsibility, rebellion and acceptance of age and stage. This was Grace Cannon and my first official duet collaboration for which the process and active storytelling is the part that lingers in my memory.

Covered in clothes, we surfaced to find the sun greeting us on that November day.

Fall 2020 5X5 Call for Choreographers!

Hello Community,

We would love to encourage you to participate in our 2020 presentation of 5×5! We are looking at places in Southeast or Southwest DC if you have leads on spaces or venues. We will be actively looking for choreographers desiring to make and share work with the community in our uniquely paired down high caliber setting!

Send your piece proposal to if you would like to participate. We would like to feature works of 5-15 minutes in length. We also hope to include interludes by area musicians or poets.

Send proposals or requests to perform to Sylvidancemaker@gmail.com by June 1, 2020.

If you would like to sponsor or donate to the event please contact: maggie.s.lockhart@gmail.com


Sylvana Christopher & Maggie Lockhart

Sylvana @ Alice’s JACS

ANC Commissioner Ra Amin has invited me to dance this coming Saturday Oct 5 between 4-6pm at JACS an artsy enclave for jazz music. I’d love to see you this fast approaching Saturday Wine and Beer Tasting at Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Society from 4-6pm. I will share a dance performance and get those looking to move an opportunity to boogie with me at JACS!

Info below:

Save the Date! Saturday, Oct. 5th! Community Wine and Beer Tasting!

Get ready for the first ever 5B04 Fall Wine and Beer Tasting! Working together with Wardman Wines, Ra is planning a great community event for fall. On Saturday October 5th at 4 p.m., all 5B04 neighbors are invited to a FREE wine and beer tasting to sample wines and beverages that are perfect for the autumn season. Light refreshments will be provided by another community member. Nonalcoholic beverages will also be available. 

What: a GREAT chance to meet your neighbors, listen to some music, and enjoy fall beverages for free!
When: Saturday, October 5th, 4-6 p.m.
Where: Alice’s Jazz and Culture Society (2813 12th St NE)
Who: YOU, your neighbors, and family
Why: Because fall is FUN and better with neighbors!

Art All Night

Next up per the encouragement of my dear Marguerite Comfort I’m participating in this annual art event. I’ll be posted in Tenley Friendship Library this Saturday Sept 14th from 9:30-10pm presenting a SylviDances production of Jazz improvisation and performance art spoofing on the ups and downs of potty training. Come see Shit Show! Movements 1 & 2! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/art-all-night-2019-tenleytown-tickets-69089373175