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  • Photo by David Dowling.

From ModBallet, Adult Tempo, Family Dance Time to Resilient Kids; SylviDances holds unique classes for dancers of all ages and abilities with the goal of teaching imaginative dance practices which make for healthy balanced beings. Sylvana Christopher is able to teach and perform both indoors and outdoors given safety precautions are followed.

Dance ICONS Cohort Member 2019-2021.
Photo by Rob Cannon.
When it feels right, it will look right!
Photo by Rob Cannon.

Available for outdoor/site-specific instruction and performance.

Family Dance Time

Singing, Scarves and Rhythms ignite that parent/child connection making it safe to explore creative movements as a family. Designed for a parent and child age 2-5.


Tempo: Adult Movement Series

Learn fundamentals of a dance class, warmup and exercises to fine tune your body’s expression. Work collaboratively on movement invention and share in a safe space with one another what makes you tick.


Resilient Kids

Explore composition and choreography with youth age 6-13. This interactive class is designed to help students looking to strengthen their voice in the form of dance.


Email for further inquiries re choreography for your next event.

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