Calling into question

As a Washingtonian, I have an obligation to stay tuned to the news. In the home, I listen and watch the BBC news plays short videos about the world’s travesties, comedic moments, struggles and triumphs as well as the bizarre and cosmic.  Often I feel as though I am avoiding what is going on in the home front by listening to the BBC. Listening to Democracy Now this morning I was alarmed to hear of a story I had no knowledge of about the Move 9 and bombing of a group of Philadelphia residents with testimony from a mother Debbie Africa who had given birth to her son in prison. Pieces of American slowly revealed shocking in their weight and guilt make me call into question this time period where we passively stand by allowing those hungry for more to poison our minds and pit us against each other. On the radio, Debbie Africa spoke to the systems in place that benefit and profit from enslaving life: zoos and jails for example. This made me think of Foucault’s relational statement;

What action will I take to combat hatred against free thinkers like Debbie Africa and Michel Foucault? I plan to take up more news listening on Democracy Now and post as many illuminating articles as possible encouraging free press and movement of a people.

Congrats Debbie Africa for making it out of jail.


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