Father’s Day

So in the next seven minutes I’ll attempt to write as much as I can while it is still technically Father’s Day.  Today I took my girlfriend Grace Cannon and her mother Judy out to Massage Envy while our husbands John and Rob took care of our boys Jasper and Austin with Grace’s father Winston.  Being dancer moms and taking time out for our bodies to be stretched and cared for was good.

The boys came in all hot and tired out from a long walk to the park.  Both babies needed their diapers changed.

Later we went to celebrate with John’s dad Jesse Lee who sadly is dealing with not having his partner Hilda by his side as she recovers from yet another injury in a slew of injuries this year.  We dined at the Capitol Grille in Virginia which was very delicious. We had a juicy steak and Jasper gobbled up his gourmet french fries and mixed berries. Sometimes it is almost comical or slightly insane the range of privilege with regard to my mother and my father-in-law.  Starting to pick up tidbits from my Aunt Bettyjane about the family and enjoying hearing her side of the story.  Also, dreaming of visiting people in the west including Vanessa in Colorado Springs, Talia in Oakland, Chris Mitchell and family in Tokyo and to the south to see my father and his two daughters Celina and Libby whom I have yet to meet in Florida.  Well I can pray for a miracle. Why not? What do I have to loose.

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